Thursday, June 6, 2013

Max Kolonko becoming most popular Polish YouTube persona

YouTube is known for all kinds of wacky videos but from time to time, we find a real gem.  About six months ago, Polish reporter living in New York City, Max Kolonko, launched his MaxTV YouTube channel and instantly became a hit among the Polish community.

What's his secret?  He's motto "I say it how it is", became a catch phrase for his politically incorrect videos.  Why politically incorrect?  Because he reports the facts in an unfiltered fashion, without the major-media fluff, omitting facts, or cutouts.  Poles are tired of a state-controlled media or questionable private media conglomerates, hence the craving for a down-to-earth reporter who will report the news straight up.

Keep them coming Max Kolonko.  Check out some of his videos.


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