Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Was the TNT reside found inside the crashed Polish presidential plane?

The gloomy waters around the Polish presidential plane crash in Smolensk on April 10, 2010, are getting ever murkier. On Tuesday, October 29th, 2012, Polish newspaper "Rzeczpospolita" reported that TNT and nitroglycerin residue was found on 30 plane seats and passenger clothes. Even though, the newspaper retraced the claim today due to the unconfirmed sources, the media firestorm over Poland blew up already.

Although, the Russian investigators deny any such findings, the bigger questions remains: why, in the name of all that is logical, the wreck of the Polish Tu-154 plane is still in Russian hands? Why Donald Tusk, the Prime Minister of Poland, haven't used any means necessary to transport what is left from the plane back to Poland to conduct an international investigation? Was the late President Lech Kaczynski such an enemy of the ruling Civic Platform, that even after his death he's posing a threat? Next April, Poles will already observe the third anniversary of the this devastating crash. Get moving Tusk!

To add to the insult and the shadow conspiracy, last week, Polish flight engineer, Remigiusz Muś, who landed on Yak-40 in Smolensk just before the crash, committed a "suicide". Warrant Officer Muś was and important witness during the crash investigation. He was vocal about the Russian tower operator asking the Tu-154 pilot to decent the plane to 50 meters. Read more about what Muś said here

Even the Russian newspaper "Pravda" reports the key testimony about the crash:

In his testimony, Mus reported that the flight officer on duty gave the Polish liner a permission to descend to the "decision-making height" of 50 meters, despite the thick fog, says RBC. Officially, the air controller did not allow to descend below 100 meters. According to Mus, the Yak-40 was also allowed to go down to 50 meters. The flight engineer also claimed that he had heard two explosions a few seconds before the Tu-154 crashed.
Recently retired from the Polish air force, 42-year-old guy with a decent pension, loving wife, open to new employment possibilities does not hang himself without a warning.  It just doesn't add up.

But wait there's more!  Two weeks ago, a Russian blogger released gruesome pictures of the killed officials.  Read more about it here.

Want more?  Four bodies were already exhumed, DNA-tested, and confirmed as wrongly identified and buried after the crash. The Polish military prosecutors are testing remaining bodies to rule out any mistakes.

What is going on here?  Haven't DNA tests been performed already?  Who runs this operation?  Idiots?

This whole shady cover up is yet another proof of the inability of the current Polish government to handle any emergency situation. Don't get me started about the still unanswered question about the cause of the crash.  Sadly, about half of the population voted for this so-called "new intelligentsia". 

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